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Tesla may have fast charging hard cap, Supercharging speeds permanently reduced

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An owner of a Model S has received official confirmation from Tesla that ALL Tesla's now have a hard count of how many fast charging sessions are allowed (Supercharging OR via CHAdeMO adapter). Once the hard count is reached, max Supercharging speeds are PERMANENTLY reduced FOREVER.

Wow! If I was a Tesla owner I'd be pissed! Never being told about this restriction up front. Supercharging not what it used to be, eh?
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Still not convinced he got the real story. Supercharging speeds vary widely anyway, based on limitations in both the car and the charger and cord.

If what he was told is true, it certainly would be a problem that they never mentioned it.

OTOH, Even a full on Supercharger session is much less aggressive than fast charging a Leaf or Spark EV at 40-50 kW, because of the big batteries.

Prior guidance has been that supercharging daily is fine, and the Tesloop people that did 200k Supercharging daily never said anything about being slowed down.
If you bothered to read either of the threads on either forum, the main issue is Tesla sneaking in ninja firmware updates that degrade performance without informing owners of such changes. Just like the Ludicrous mode counter debacle. Duh.

Bolt's DCFC rate may be relatively slow, but at least GM is upfront about it. The max fast charging rate is likely higher than published specs.
So GM told you that it would charge slower than a Spark EV and start throttling around 50% SoC in big steps?

I must have missed that thread. The only thing I remember GM communicating was the 90 miles in 30 minutes, and I remember a whole lot of speculation here about how much faster the car might charge.

Not saying a hidden counter is acceptable if such a thing actually exists, but I don't feel like either company has communicated clearly on the subject
So it's confirmed that Tesla does permanently reduce SC rates after so many DCFC sessions. JonMc also did not dispel the DCFC hard counter belief, nor to he address if CHAdeMO charge sessions (can be as low as 18 kW) have an impact on the eventual SC max rate neutering.
He said nothing that confirmed a charge session counter, either. He did indicate that the BMS changed the charge parameters based on age and usage, but provided no indication of how Tesla determines that age/usage that I saw.

I'm not sure how that leads to "after so many DCFC sessions."
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