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Tesla Lite !!

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I used a DCFC for the first time while running errands this weekend. My town has 14 DCFC stations and dozens of L2's, all FREE !
Here are some pics of the 20 minute pitstop !

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Thirsty little Spark EV sucking it up @44kW:
Vehicle Car Technology Electronic device

20 mins later:
Technology Car Vehicle Electronics Electronic device

Same price as a Tesla at a Supercharger, only less quantity:
Text Font Technology Electronics Screenshot

This was at that big coffee purveyor, so I went in and bought a simple coffee and stared at my phone for awhile.

During the week I plug into an L2 to power the round trip. It is done by noon and I move it.
I may never spend a dime on powering this fun little car!
This is Living the Dream, Lite !!

I know about the Battery TMS and how it should be plugged in at <30° and >90° F.
But is it that harmful to drive the car gently until the cars TMS gets the battery temp happy?
There will always be long term parking situations where the car can't be plugged in, such as an airport.
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Bought my Spark EV 2 weekends after driving a P85D... there is no comparison. It'll also cost over its entire service life what the P85D will in 1st year depreciation. :D

Thanks for sharing pics of fast charging. Very cool to see in action. My car has it equipped... for when compatible stations appear in my city. Zero SAE combo stations in the entire state of Texas currently :/.
My friend call his $139/month Spark EV as a mini-Tesla. It accelerates faster than my Volt!
Norton, Well said..I got my Spark EV in Md.(live in Pa.) a month ago and think that it was an incredible bargain. I haven't used the DC fats charger yet. Waiting for them to start showing up! I drove the BMW I3 and the Spark is a bit quicker. Great value and so much fun to drive!
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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