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Tesla struggles getting welds right on Model 3 steel bodies, but then plans to assemble carbon-fiber truck bodies. When I dialed in on the reveal, I just thought this was going to be Elon being Elon living in his fantasy world, but when I heard the pitch for deposits...I try not to be a cynic, but let's just say the timing was very poor...

That said, there are niche's that Tesla's (or Cummins) concept might actually fly - the mega-shippers & retail distributors like Amazon, Fedex, UPS, Walmart who own and control both their tractors and trailers and have regular long-haul traffic between fixed distribution points. They have the capital resources, long-term investment horizons, and distribution facilities large enough to support the medium-voltage electrical infrastructure required, and travel distances and schedules that might work with the program. In-house service techs who could be re-trained for working on these new rigs.

But the trucking industry is VERY conservative. There are no large single-source manufacturers - not like automobiles - Peterbilt, Mack, etc. are all relatively small companies. They use Cummins, Cat, Detroit engines, buy their transmissions from various other entities. It has been finely honed over many decades and new players are rare.

An army of small/medium third-party service companies handle both regular and emergency repairs.

Tesla would have to crack the trucking industry code to become a player other than with some demonstration fleet sales to a few self-contained mega-distributors who want some green cred. And they will REALLY have to prove themselves to be rock-solid reliable first, both in product and in service. The Model 3 fiasco is not a good start.
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