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Tesla Destination Charging Stations

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Today my wife and I checked in to a B&B in New Smyrna Beach, FL to celebrate our 41st anniversary. Went here last year too, but didn't have our 2017 Volt. The B&B had a newly installed Tesla charging station. Was I ever so surprised to find that Tesla paid for the installation of the station, which also included a 240 Volt charger compatible with our Volt! I am wondering if all Tesla destination charging stations have both options?? Anyone know?

Thank you Tesla!
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The charger station(s)I referred to in the original post are not superchargers. One has a Tesla plug and Tesla logo on the charger. The other has a J1772 plug and the charger has Envirospark on it. I am told that Tesla installed both at no charge! I might add that Chargepoint only indicates that this is a Tesla charge stations....what a great Thanksgiving gift!
I meant to say Plugshare only indicates the Tesla charger.....Chargepoint doesn't advertise the charger at all. (BTW, is there a way to edit a post after it has been posted??)
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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