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Tesla Asia selling vehicles with insurance and maintenance.

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Essentially, your out the door price is all you will ever pay for your Tesla except for electricity and depending on the car, that may even be included.

Part of the argument is that insurance companies are not lowering insurance costs for a much safer, easier to fix/maintain vehicle. They might even be self insuring their product.

Seems like an interesting concept.
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The move of a company desperate for sales....

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With the model 3 arriving eventually, I'm sure many people are holding off buying the Model S. Tesla really needs to find a way to continue lowering prices, even on their bigger cars. $63.8k for the wimpiest configured model S is still too much for most people. Certainly there are some people who might want the S40 for $50K, especially if it has the 60 or 75 battery in it and with an extra payment, you can unlock the feature.
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