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Tesla admits that Model 3 isn't a finished product.

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Ha ha ha ha ha! This is one way of admitting that the Tesla Model 3 wasn't really production ready when it was first released to employees, and up to the publication of this article. It isn't a finished product. being sold.
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You can say that about the Model S and Model X too. After five years on the road, Model S users are still getting updates with new features and performance enhancements. Pretty nice, if you ask me. Heck - GM couldn't even be bothered to give 2016 Volt owners the 2017 energy rating display when we all took our cars in to the dealer for various firmware recalls last year. <snip>
That is all true as I've had several enhancements added to my X since I've purchased.

A couple recent ones were:
- easy entry/exit (optional) setting so if I unbuckle the steering wheel and seat will move to my entry/exit settings
- performance upgrade so now the vehicle performs even better for things like 40-70 mph window (think passing)

Taking our 2016 Volt physically into the dealer to get software updated to avoid RPP/redude propolsion power on older vehicles with loss battery capacity (in colder weather is one of the triggers). Having another family member pick me up or I could wait for a van at the dealership to give me a ride home. Not ideal way to use peoples time.

Over-the-air/OTA is one of Tesla's main benefits and the Model 3 (S & X) will improve with limited negative impact to the customer.
Sure OTA update can be nice. On the other hand I think it can be an excuse for releasing stuff before it's ready. Potential for a big problem. I'm not that keen on driving around a car with hardware that doesn't work yet because the software isn't ready.
As well we are talking about the ability to *enhance* or add features to the cars as well fix minor things. Remember all these sub-systems are separated for a multitude of reasons (security, functionality, etc). This has been discussed many times. In the Teslas as an example you can reboot the UI while driving ... why? Because it is a complete separate system than the drivetrain!

And you realize there is a ton (10 Mil lines) of software in our Volts and software is never bug free. I've been to my dealer to get it update with a USB several times.

Title: Infographic: Chevy Volt Has 10 Million Lines of Code; F-22 Raptor Only Has 1.7 Million
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