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Tesla admits that Model 3 isn't a finished product.

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Ha ha ha ha ha! This is one way of admitting that the Tesla Model 3 wasn't really production ready when it was first released to employees, and up to the publication of this article. It isn't a finished product. being sold.
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Looks like Electrek was hard up for a Tesla story. This is quite the nothing burger.

If there were missing parts this thread title might have some teeth. At best it's a poor interpretation of what most folks who paid attention already knew.

That is a pretty good overview.
And it shows missing functions in the display too. Some of them have been added since. So..... no story here. If you cared about it before you already know.

Heck, I don't really care (I'm not buying one) and I KNEW.

P.S. The headlights are pretty cool. I've never seen that configuration before.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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