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Tesla admits that Model 3 isn't a finished product.

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Ha ha ha ha ha! This is one way of admitting that the Tesla Model 3 wasn't really production ready when it was first released to employees, and up to the publication of this article. It isn't a finished product. being sold.
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If Tesla's business model bothers you don't buy one and don't invest in them either. Folks buying Tesla's do so knowing what they are getting and are happy with it. I'd love a Tesla warts and all but for the cost.
Sure OTA update can be nice. On the other hand I think it can be an excuse for releasing stuff before it's ready. Potential for a big problem. I'm not that keen on driving around a car with hardware that doesn't work yet because he software isn't ready.
Then don't buy one.....
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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