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Tesla admits that Model 3 isn't a finished product.

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Ha ha ha ha ha! This is one way of admitting that the Tesla Model 3 wasn't really production ready when it was first released to employees, and up to the publication of this article. It isn't a finished product. being sold.
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You can say that about the Model S and Model X too. After five years on the road, Model S users are still getting updates with new features and performance enhancements. Pretty nice, if you ask me. Heck - GM couldn't even be bothered to give 2016 Volt owners the 2017 energy rating display when we all took our cars in to the dealer for various firmware recalls last year.

I checked out my neighbors Model 3 a couple of days ago. He was even kind enough to let me drive it for a few miles. His is a very early car. Not first 30, but close. Fit and finish looked fine. Drove like a dream. Yes, there are a number of hardware bits that don't have software support - for example the interior camera above the rear view mirror. But that will come in time. As it is, the car is quite driveable. Wifi and (free) LTE access is built-in to the car, so updates are easily done without taking it to the service center.
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No question there are a few software bugs in it. We were playing with the various "Easter eggs". Like the "Santa" one where the turn signal tones are sleigh bells ringing. There is a "more cowbell" one with cow bell sounds. Another, with a Little Pony icon, brings up a 'paint' application where you can write and draw things on the screen. Funny thing is we couldn't figure out how to exit the paint program. Fortunately it was at the end of the drive. So we got out of the car - you don't actually power it down - it just detects that the credit-card sized RFID card in your wallet has left the car. Then came back and the normal display was back again.
Looks like Electrek was hard up for a Tesla story. This is quite the nothing burger.

If there were missing parts this thread title might have some teeth. At best it's a poor interpretation of what most folks who paid attention already knew.

That is a pretty good overview. Note that besides the front, rear, and interior cameras that he pointed out, there are also cameras in the B pillars and rear-ward facing ones in the pods above/behind the wheels on the front fenders.

I didn't test autopilot, but my neighbor assures me he uses it every day during his commute. It does the lane keeping, can lane change (when safe) with the touch of the turn signal lever. Adaptive cruise works, and so on. It can't read traffic signals, so you do have to step on the brake pedal at a red light. He hadn't tried 'summon', so I'm not sure if it works yet.

Speaking of the brake pedal, like previous Teslas, it is a pure friction brake. No blending. The 'go' pedal has two levels of regen - comparable to the Volts "D" and "L" - sans paddle. One can also independently turn "creep" on and off. With creep turned off, the car will come to a stop on level ground without using the brake pedal.
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