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The article states:

"The batteries enable ultra-rapid charging, whereby the user can charge up the car at any 220 V socket in a matter of minutes.

My question is if they have quick-charge batteries working and able to be recharged in a matter of minutes then why even bother with the hydrogen? Answer: They wouldn't. They even state that the mix will depend on the technical advances of each. Thus, I think they are building a quick-charge BEV using government funds for hydrogen development. When the batteries turn out to be a much better solution (my contention) a tiny model car size hydrogen system will be thrown in for good measure. You will probably have the option to pour a cup of water into a tiny tank. The car's quick-charge batteries will then electrolyze the hydrogen and run it though a tiny fuel cell and the mWhs of generated electricity will be dumped back into the battery pack at a huge lose. However, they will claim to have a hydrogen car and can thus get full funding. Brilliant!

Hey Mr. Government, I'm also developing a hydrogen car. Can I have some funding? ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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