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TAXSLAYER form 8936

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This weekend I tried to complete my 2016 Federal return. I use a web-based program called TAXSLAYER (have been using them for years). My return is very simple, have a couple pensions, social security, and a couple of $$ of reportable interest on bank accounts. I don't have enough deductions and end up taking the standard deduction. Well, I answered all the prompts concerning Qualified Plug in Vehicles and the program generated the required form 8936 and inserted my tax credit in line 54 and 55 of my firm 1040. Upon closer review, the program also generated page 2 of form 3800 with $1266 entered on lines 27 & 29!?! Form 3800 is for General Business Credits, of which I have none. I have communicated numerous times with TAXSLAYER customer support to no avail. They claim including that form will not affect my return. If I Efile (which is my preference) I have no way to remove the form. Anyone out there have any insight on this...Which I am sure is a Bug in their program? I might add that if you look at the top of page 1 of Form 3800, it clearly states all 3 pages of the form must be included with the return -- TAXSLAYER only generated page 2!
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I claimed the credit fine with H&R Block's Taxcut this year. You'll just need to use different software this year. I had to do this one year for the charging station credit.
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