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Tan leather?

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First time poster. MAN the registration process for this site is a pain. And the password requirements are just silly. It's just a car, not nuclear launch codes.

But I digress.

I was hoping to get a Tesla Model 3, but my mom is going through some financial hardship so I'll need to help her out, so I can't justify spending that much money on a car at the present time. But I'm sick of giving any money to the sociopathic greedbags in the fossil fuel industry, so my next car MUST be at least a plug in hybrid, and I really like the look of the Gen1 Volt. (Gen2 looks way more like a boring family or rental car to me).

I really think it looks good in black, but I've only see black leather interiors. Did they ever make tan leather interiors? I used to have a Black/black acura integra and the leather just gets too hot in the summer.
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Google 201_ chevy volt brochure. Your first result for each year should be a PDF brochure that includes all options, including interiors.

All Gen 1 model years have tan seat options. 2011-2012 have only leather tan options. 2013-2015 have both leather/suede and cloth options.

Although, the pictures in the 2013-2015 brochures make the "Pebble Beige" interiors look more grey than tan, but they do actually look more tan in real life.
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