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Tan leather?

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First time poster. MAN the registration process for this site is a pain. And the password requirements are just silly. It's just a car, not nuclear launch codes.

But I digress.

I was hoping to get a Tesla Model 3, but my mom is going through some financial hardship so I'll need to help her out, so I can't justify spending that much money on a car at the present time. But I'm sick of giving any money to the sociopathic greedbags in the fossil fuel industry, so my next car MUST be at least a plug in hybrid, and I really like the look of the Gen1 Volt. (Gen2 looks way more like a boring family or rental car to me).

I really think it looks good in black, but I've only see black leather interiors. Did they ever make tan leather interiors? I used to have a Black/black acura integra and the leather just gets too hot in the summer.
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They absolutely did. I have a '13 with the pebble beige interior. In my case it's leather with suede inserts and the door panels are suede. It's not the best photo, but here you can see the beige interior.
Mine is pebble suede also. My family didn't want leather after owning a Deville and CTS because it burns the back of your legs in the summer. But these suede seats eliminate the burn, at least in the main center portion of the seat. The far left and right edges can still get mighty toasty in the blistering hot summer sun. We love these seats.
Being patient really is the way to go to get what you want, at a price you are comfortable with. I spent almost 10 months before I found mine. I however wasn't particular about the exterior color, I did know that I wanted leather and bose/nav and really wanted to avoid the iPhone white trim.
I would have loved the white trim, pebble beach interior, and red exterior. When I was first shopping for a volt, I was determined to get a base model as the $44K MSRP for the premium was just too pricey. But then I stumbled onto a new premium with white diamond tricoat heavily discounted to $21K, only $1500 more than another base model 20 miles away. I settled for what they had because tremendous discount aided by several end-of-year deals and a hefty state rebate.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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