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Taking Delivery of New Volt, advice on installing 240v Outlet or Level 2 Charger?

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Hello, new volt owner being thrown into the mix! Trading in my 2013 GMC Terrain V6 AWD for a brand new 2017 Volt LT in Grey with Black Chevy Emblems. I'm so excited to be finally saving money on gas and going back into a car for commuting again. Picking it up this Saturday hopefully if everything goes smooth.

Anyways, exciting part is kind of over. Now the fun part for myself is picking a Level 2 EVSE Charger.

My only option unfortunately is to install outdoors, since I have no garage. I'm debating whether to install a 240V Outlet and adding a weatherproof box on the outside, and just making an adapter for the Volt's charger... or, just buying a Level 2 Charger altogether and hardwire/plug it in and install the correct NEMA outlet.

My electrical panel is in my basement, and unfortunately it is on the opposite side of the house from where I want it. Gotta run about 50 ft of wire form my panel to the desired location. I'd do it myself, but I don't have tools to cut a hole into the aluminum siding of my house (Unless I can somehow install it without doing that). Ceiling is open and I can run the wire easily. I will be putting a 20 amp Double Pole Breaker in my panel for whichever option I go for.

Otherwise, The only chargers I'm looking at currently are the Clipper Creek HCS-20, or the Sun Country highway SCH20, since I will be keeping this car long term and won't need to futureproof. Also, the chances of me selling my house in the next 5 years is high, since my wife is going into policing and I'm going where she's going.

My questions are this. Is there anybody on the forum that lives in Southwestern Ontario that installed a NEMA-6-20 outlet outdoors, and if so, how much did it cost you out of pocket? Or anybody that has a hardwired EVSE installed and the cost to install one of those?

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Wow, It's been about 4 decades since I have seen this, back in my apprentice days as an electrician.

I think what you have here is the old hot wire setup that Ontario Hydro use to offer for off hours hot water tanks. Basically you paid a set amount for electricity for your hot water heater which was powered only during off hours, the power came to the house on a separate electrical feed from the street and the control box had the fuses inside which are the screw in receptacles in your blurry picture.

At that time Ontario Hydro activated the wires and it powers the hot water tank only and is able to be shut off from the controls in the box. The 2 screw in fuses were there to protect the tank from excessive current or shorts.

If you look closely at the screw in fuses there should be a number on them and hopefully they are not blue, as this was the colour for 15 amp fuses. It appears that when you or someone else discontinued from the flat rate hot water usage they somehow connected the city side of this unit to the breaker panel which is now controlled by circuit breakers.

If this was not done and the street side of this connection was not dis-connected then you would have basically unlimited free hydro on that circuit alone.

I am pretty sure that this type of electrical circuit has been outlawed in Ontario and possibly everywhere else in North America unless grandfathered, which means it's OK if you have them but once you alter the wiring in any way, you have to update to present code regulations.

PersonallyI feet that there was a good reason they were outlawed because they were prone to starting fires and the circuit breakers simply responded better to modern electrical problems which we now face. You can trace the BC cable back and it would be interesting in how it was connected to your panel, it should be controlled by a separate breaker in the panel and not only controlled by the master breaker feeding the entire panel.

Please provide pictures of panel and close up shots of the actual fuses.
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