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Switching to ICE during acceleration

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Ever since I brought my Volt into the dealership for the most recent recall my car has been abruptly switching to ICE during hard acceleration. I?ll try to start off slow from a red light but when it gets to about 60kw it randomly shuts off switches to the gas motor and creeps along at 20mph until it figures out that it has a full battery again. This process takes about 20 seconds and can be quite dangerous. The check engine light has not come on.
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Yeah, it could be a loose hood causing the sensor to read open when accelerating (not sure if there's a hood-open speed limit or anything), but if that doesn't immediately solve it, definitely take it back to the dealer. Honestly the hood thing sounds like the best bet because they would have had it open, and if it's not lighting up the CEL, it's some sort of "expected behavior".

Of course, it could also be a damaged hood latch or sensor, which is a much more difficult problem to fix.
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