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Switching to ICE during acceleration

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Ever since I brought my Volt into the dealership for the most recent recall my car has been abruptly switching to ICE during hard acceleration. I?ll try to start off slow from a red light but when it gets to about 60kw it randomly shuts off switches to the gas motor and creeps along at 20mph until it figures out that it has a full battery again. This process takes about 20 seconds and can be quite dangerous. The check engine light has not come on.
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Wouldn't a damaged hood latch switch/sensor cause it to indicate the hood is open when it thinks it is? If the OP isn't seeing any messages indicating such then I would suspect something with the powertrain rather than a switch. It seems to me like this is an issue that can certainly be duplicated for a tech and due to the safety concerns should not be released back to the customer until it's solved.
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