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Sunroofs Installed?

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Has anyone installed an aftermarket sunroof in their Volt?

Maybe some of the GM techs could let us know if there are any issues with installing one?
It should not be a big deal to re-route any wiring that may be there. Right?

Brittt1 Posted these links last year.

In a previous thread Quickvolt said he got one installed but I couldn't’t find pics of them.

Any details are appreciated. Thanks.
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Im leaning towards getting one, I wish i could get one that opened all the way back but I guess thats not possible...

I have had my first two annoying issues lately and they may be related, no onstar connection from or my phone (onstar have escalated but its been over a week already) and then today I had no stereo sound, start up sound etc etc. had to turn off the car, lock and unlock for it to return... So based on those issues im reluctant to mess with the roof near where the onstar stuff is until they resolve that particular issue, but when they do I really want to look at getting one.

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I'd be very reluctant to alter the car by cutting holes in it or rerouting wiring. My guess is any service issues with onstar, etc, after that would be a warranty challenge.

One owner had trouble like that after installing LED's as I recall. He found a pinched wire and a tough time with getting the dealer to address it under warranty since he had modified the light wiring.

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Just to clarify a few points.

My plan, IF I end up getting a Volt, I will buy. So no issues with a lease and an added sunroof.

I have had sunroofs in most of my cars and never had a problem with them. Although they were factory installed.

If I can not get a sunroof in my Volt I may buy a convertible and wait on the Volt until Chevy gets some competition and forces their hand to make some changes or additions.

I found pictures of Volts with sunroofs so they are out there somewhere. They just may not be on this forum or reading here often.
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