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Hi all,

I thought I would write up a summer update for my 2017 Gen 2 Premier. I just got back from a week on Cape Cod, including a pit-stop all the way in Connecticut on the way down, and a return trip of about 180 miles. I also logged some significant miles while there (without using a drop of gas!), at times with 3 other adults in the car, firewood in the trunk, and beach paraphernalia throughout. The only issues were with ground clearance on the sandy lanes leading to our rental (the front lip ate a lot of sand), and a lack of front-wheel traction when peeling out onto the heavily-trafficked Route 6. (295 ft-lbs of torque is a lot!) We did get an encouraging "YEAH!" from a very courteous 4Runner driver who let us peel out in front of them, our tires squealing!

Current odometer reading is 74740. Just today, the trusty old Clippercreek high-voltage charger was installed in our garage (for the last few months I've been using the included cable). With a full charge, I usually see about 65 miles on the guess-o-meter in good weather. In April it got a fresh set of Michelins. In June we installed a Yakima roof rack for my bike; we recently added a 1UP bike mount on the existing crossbars (which is vastly preferable to the Yakima one). I suspect that next, it will need new brake pads and rotors, as the discs look absolutely awful, and my attempts to "clean" them (hard deceleration at highway speeds) have proven largely unsuccessful, except for secreting significant brake dust.

Otherwise, I can't complain about the car. It stands up to my crazy teenage lifestyle without breaking a sweat. I'm expecting to put on 15-20k by next spring, depending on my calculations. I believe my EV usage accounts for about 65% of my total mileage. On this vacation, however, I did have to top off the tank for every long-distance highway trip in Hold mode.

Pictured below is the new Wellfleet "W" oyster sticker (proceeds support Cape Cod educational grants) which I picked up as a badge of honor for its second trip to the area.

I think I saw approximately 4 other Gen2 Volts on Cape Cod, including a very handsome maroon LT with 2 canoes on top (I gave the driver a thumbs up as I thought I was the only one bold enough to put stuff on the roof!) So, while the Volt isn't getting any more popular, you can still see yourself going the other way once in a while!

I'll attempt to attach some pictures. Let me know if they come out well. Please excuse the filthy exterior and the many stickers!
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