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Subaru R1e

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Subaru appears to have been testing an electric vehicle since 2006 in Japan. I wonder why they are taking so long to bring bring it to the US. Test fleet won't be in NYC till 2009.
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Battery prices are not going to plunge like computer chip prices. You can't reduce the number of atoms needed to hold electrons in a battery like you can in a transistor. Batteries will get better and cheaper, but they won't get much below $200-300/kwh just on materials costs alone.
I certainly believe that gas prices and batteries prices are on divergent paths, but I also agree battery prices won't follow computer price dynamics. Even so, Are you thinking base materials cost alone account for $200-300? This seems awfully high, especially if kwh/kg continues to improve. I see the switch from ICE to EV more like the transition from analog to digital copiers. Prices come down some and features improve at the same time.
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