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Subaru R1e

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Subaru appears to have been testing an electric vehicle since 2006 in Japan. I wonder why they are taking so long to bring bring it to the US. Test fleet won't be in NYC till 2009.
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I agree as well. Battery prices will become slightly cheaper over time while their energy storage capacity will gradually rise. The only way this dynamic will change would be a broadly applicable, technological breakthrough that is fast to production. This is highly unlikely, but not impossible.

I am not at a point where styling doesn't matter. I've stated before that everyone will have their own personal reasons for buying any car. I only hope people make their decisions based on facts, and not misinformation or propaganda. Some may be based on sheer economics, and that's cool. For me, I will only drive a GM vehicle, and I will not drive an ugly car(IMO). I spend too much time in it to be uncomfortable, unhappy, embarrassed, or endangered. Those are my buttons, and the Volt will be perfect for me. Plus, I get to reduce my gas bill. All good for me!
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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