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Stupid charged 2013 Volt's A/C, overcharged, car shook and a little smoke/smell came

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Of course immediately turned off A/C after a few minutes and mechanic drained it and charged to appropriate pressure. Everything's working fine running A/C for 2 hours --- but warning to others. Those cheap ($40) charge kits from Pep boys have unreliable pressure sensors or something.

If anyone knows what the temporary smoke/smell was let me know. I read in other forums that overcharged air conditioners always shake the car.
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I believe the rule of thumb is the A/C can only drop the inside temp by 20°F compared to outside temps. A/C is not the same as refrigeration. But someone in the trade may know more. I really haven't looked into it in detail other than expecting 40°F air to blow out you car A/C on a 110°F day is likely not going to happen.
I'd imagine that a good deal of that is simply that cars recirculate a lot less air than refrigerators do, and eventually that percentage of hot, un-recirculated air is going to bringing in enough moisture that the humidity control is going to start backing off to avoid freezing the condenser coils.
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