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Stupid charged 2013 Volt's A/C, overcharged, car shook and a little smoke/smell came

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Of course immediately turned off A/C after a few minutes and mechanic drained it and charged to appropriate pressure. Everything's working fine running A/C for 2 hours --- but warning to others. Those cheap ($40) charge kits from Pep boys have unreliable pressure sensors or something.

If anyone knows what the temporary smoke/smell was let me know. I read in other forums that overcharged air conditioners always shake the car.
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Overcharging any refrigeration system is very risky. If the compressor sees any liquid refrigerant it will stall or, in the case of electric residential equipment, trip an internal high pressure overload. Be sure your system is properly charged and checked per the manual. It is a VERY expensive compressor!
The Volt uses a variable output compressor, and often is not running at full cooling capacity. My 2013 can get pretty darn cold when it wants to, so I just let it do its thing. If you got the wrong oil out after only a short time you're probably OK. Takes a while for the insulation to break down. A similar thing can happen in HVAC compressors if the refrigeration system is not evacuated well enough after brazing fittings together, or they aren't brazed with a nitrogen purge. The residue inside the copper lines eventually damages the compressor's insulation as it forms an acidic compound. Can take years though.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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