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Stupid charged 2013 Volt's A/C, overcharged, car shook and a little smoke/smell came

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Of course immediately turned off A/C after a few minutes and mechanic drained it and charged to appropriate pressure. Everything's working fine running A/C for 2 hours --- but warning to others. Those cheap ($40) charge kits from Pep boys have unreliable pressure sensors or something.

If anyone knows what the temporary smoke/smell was let me know. I read in other forums that overcharged air conditioners always shake the car.
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AC compressor $2400

FWIW: Please keep in mind that this 3-phase alternating current compressor used in the Volt in order to keep the high voltage battery as well as the cabin cooled is normally covered under the Voltec 8yr warranty. You may want to keep the fact you attempted a home brew recharge of this compressor under your hat so to speak!;)
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