[ad#post_ad]GM has placed a one billion dollar bet that range anxiety is important. The Chevy Volt was designed and engineered to allow drivers to do most of their daily driving on electricity but to have the option to keep going on gas when the battery is depleted.  This strategy eliminates any fear of being stranded by a dead battery.

This approach stands in contrast to that of pure electric cars which will stop going when their batteries die.

A study released by the University of California Davis suggests that range anxiety isn't as important to a cohort of people currently driving electric cars.  The study surveyed 150 MINI E drivers and found the majority of them believed their needs were satisfied with the car's 80 to 100 mile effective range.  It also showed they were completely satisfied by home charging and did not need to use public charging, suggesting that an extensive public charging network may not be needed to encourage EV adoption.

The director of automotive research at Frost and Sullivan, looking at a wider audience, found that range anxiety was actually more important than it was for this MINI E sub-group.

“There is real range anxiety, and people are concerned about being stranded,” Veerender Kaul told msbnc. “We found a strong preference for a plug-in, range-extended electric vehicle like the Chevrolet Volt.”

I have personally logged over 10,000 miles in my MINI-E, and did not participate in the UC study. My daily commute is 60 miles round trip, and at least twice per month I have to drive round trip greater than 100 miles.  In the cold weather my range is closer to 60 miles, as I drive almost all highway at more than 65 mph, which demands a lot of power.  As such, I rely on charging during the day at work to eliminate range anxiety, and cannot use the car for long drives  instead using a second gas-powered car for those occasions.

The participants chosen for the UC study appear to be a very selected group who are  likely to overlook any inconvenience in exchange for the cause of driving petroleum-free at all times.

To reach a mass audience appeal, however, range anxiety must be controlled.  The Volt is the perfect solution.

Source ( msnbc )