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Commuted into visit our kids on the west side of Salt Lake on Christmas morning... the further west I went the deeper it got.

My kids home has about 12" of fresh snow and plow had not yet been through... I pulled to the curb and slid into the bottom as I parked; wondering if I would be able to get out in a few hours. 20 minutes later a plow came through and buried my car.

When we left my son volunteered to come out and push if I needed it. Opening the doors pushed a few inches of built up snow. As I pulled forward the car moved, but would not steer out of the gutter and up onto the street. I backed up into my tracks and then tried again. Traction control was kicking in so hard that we were barely moving, but within a few feet the car clawed its way up onto the road and we headed home!

I put Michelin Premiere A/S tires on it about 3 months ago. They are MUCH, MUCH better in the snow than the stock GY tires were. I'm sure we would have needed some pushing with those tires.
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