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Strange display problem

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Well, I suppose it had to happen sometime, but I've had my first problem with my 9 month old 2017. The first thing I noticed was that the EV Range display went out. I noticed immediately as I probably look at this number more than any other. I restarted the car and the light was on, but went out again in a minute or two. Same thing with three or four restarts.

Second, the "Energy Used" report that comes up upon shutdown was inaccurate. I had driven 5.6 miles, but the range since last recharge indicated 2.2 miles - the range since the last restart. Also the KwH was wrong, which was verified when I plugged in and checked recharge time. It showed .7 KwH's used, but that was too high for 2.2 miles and too low for 5.6 miles. In our current 70+ degree weather I always get between 5.5 and 6.5 miles per KwH.
I can't contact my Service Dept. until Monday, but in the meantime, anyone have any ideas?
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I contacted OnStar, but my plan has ended and no diagnostic info is available. I thought they notified you when the plan ended on a new car, but I've heard nothing from OnStar or Chevrolet.

Wouldn't nine months be a bit premature for a 12 volt battery failure? The thought occurred to me but I dismissed it. Maybe the dealership can help next week.
Aren't you supposed to get three years of OnStar with a new car?

Also there is a service bulletin or campaign out on some 2017s with misrouted 12v battery connections. Might check for this.
Evidently, after six months the service drops back to a limited plan with no diagnostics available.

I'll check with my dealer about the service bulletin.

Thanks to all!
Moving the fobs out of range for 15mins will cause some sort of reset/reboot.
My fobs are out of range about 85 or 90% of the time. One is in my safe and always has been - the one I use is stored in a metal box in the house.
I got my car back from the dealer's service department today and feel a bit sheepish. Evidently, my display glitches were due to the car going into the Fuel Maintenance Mode. I guess I should have seen the notice on the center display, but I did not. Since I took delivery last June 29th, I wasn't expecting the FMM for three months or so. However, the car was built in March 2016, so maybe it goes by build-date. The only question I have is , does anyone know if the EV Range light goes out during the FMM. Mine does after a minute or so from start, and that was the first thing I noticed.

I put the car in "Hold Mode" and ran my errands today expending my first gas except for a few EMM's, and hoping this will speed this process. I drove 49.6 miles and burned only .89 gallons. This is going to take a while, as I'm still showing a full tank.

BTW, it wasn't a total loss - there's a new software upgrade that just came out, and I got that done.
Is Rick Hendrick Chevrolet your dealer?
No, I've had problems with Hendricks before, and refuse to deal with them. I bought mine at Jim Ellis on PIB.
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