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Strange display problem

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Well, I suppose it had to happen sometime, but I've had my first problem with my 9 month old 2017. The first thing I noticed was that the EV Range display went out. I noticed immediately as I probably look at this number more than any other. I restarted the car and the light was on, but went out again in a minute or two. Same thing with three or four restarts.

Second, the "Energy Used" report that comes up upon shutdown was inaccurate. I had driven 5.6 miles, but the range since last recharge indicated 2.2 miles - the range since the last restart. Also the KwH was wrong, which was verified when I plugged in and checked recharge time. It showed .7 KwH's used, but that was too high for 2.2 miles and too low for 5.6 miles. In our current 70+ degree weather I always get between 5.5 and 6.5 miles per KwH.
I can't contact my Service Dept. until Monday, but in the meantime, anyone have any ideas?
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I got my car back from the dealer's service department today and feel a bit sheepish. Evidently, my display glitches were due to the car going into the Fuel Maintenance Mode. I guess I should have seen the notice on the center display, but I did not. Since I took delivery last June 29th, I wasn't expecting the FMM for three months or so. However, the car was built in March 2016, so maybe it goes by build-date. The only question I have is , does anyone know if the EV Range light goes out during the FMM. Mine does after a minute or so from start, and that was the first thing I noticed.

I put the car in "Hold Mode" and ran my errands today expending my first gas except for a few EMM's, and hoping this will speed this process. I drove 49.6 miles and burned only .89 gallons. This is going to take a while, as I'm still showing a full tank.

BTW, it wasn't a total loss - there's a new software upgrade that just came out, and I got that done.
Huh, re-reading your OP, it does sound like a FMM. I've never experienced that since I always use a little gas every day. You can interpret your post in both an alarming tone and a "oh yeah, that's FMM doing it's thing" tone. Thank you for updating with the final prognosis! Sure educated me. I'll have to remember this if I ever get a shorter commute and skip the petrol habit.
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