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Stop Light Speech

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I had my first Stoplight (Elevator) speech this morning. That was fun.

I was stopped and a car pulls up on the driver side. Guys points to my car with his window down. So, I open (roll) my window (down) and he ask how I like the car. Told him I loved it. He then points to the charge port door and ask if that is where you put the fuel in. I said no, that was for the electric, the gas was on the other side. He was surprised by that. Guess he didn't realize it was both electric and gas. I then proceeded to tell him that I am currently getting 260+mpg. He had a big surprised smile on his face. He said that he was looking to get one. He liked how sharp the car looked. I told him about the electric range in winter (30) and what I am currently getting (50+).

Then the light turned green.
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Intriguing semantical dilemma. If you "smoke" someone off the line but generate no smoke, did you actually smoke them?
You could have smoke coming from the tires with traction control off.
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