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Stop Light Speech

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I had my first Stoplight (Elevator) speech this morning. That was fun.

I was stopped and a car pulls up on the driver side. Guys points to my car with his window down. So, I open (roll) my window (down) and he ask how I like the car. Told him I loved it. He then points to the charge port door and ask if that is where you put the fuel in. I said no, that was for the electric, the gas was on the other side. He was surprised by that. Guess he didn't realize it was both electric and gas. I then proceeded to tell him that I am currently getting 260+mpg. He had a big surprised smile on his face. He said that he was looking to get one. He liked how sharp the car looked. I told him about the electric range in winter (30) and what I am currently getting (50+).

Then the light turned green.
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I've had that conversation a few times as well. Just never at a stop light.
Hehe. I had my first one last week. The guy rolled down his window and waved at me.. First I thought the he wanted directions, but he wanted to know how I like my Volt. :) Told him I was amazed by it and if I would have know this much before, I would have purchased one way earlier! Then he asked, is it low on power (he prob meant torque) and I told him "It has more torque than my top of the line mazda 3 that I had before... (he was driving a mazda 3 also .. ) made him smile and then light turned green. :)
So did you put your electrons where your mouth was and leave him breathing "clean air"? :)
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