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So my Volt had it's window smashed and the only thing of value in it (the 120V charger) was stolen. I have automotive/comprehensive and renter's insurance.

Insurance being insurance, they each ping pong me off the other, claiming it is not their responsibility.

My renter's claims, correctly in my opinion, that since the object is a part of the car, necessary for its functioning, it is automotive's lookout, even if the part is not physically attached to the car.

My automotive is claiming that since the part is loose, it is not covered by automotive and is 'personal property in the car' therefore the lookout of renter's.

Obviously me telling one what the other said isn't going to move the needle for either of them. Basically where this stands is that the item is essentially unensurable, as it falls outside both insurers' definitions of what they cover. So unless they sell EV-wallplug-charger-insurance, tough luck for me.

Does anyone have advice on this? Who is/should be on the hook for this? I can't just fling everything at two insurance companies, even one would be enough of a fight. They cost enough ($525!?) that I'm willing to take on the one whose responsibility this should be, I just want to make sure I have right on my side and I'm not just going on a wild goose chase.
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