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At 55 mph cruise and 900W accessory power, decreasing the state of charge, SOC, for generator to start from 50% to 25% (50% decrease) increases range by 50%! ( Note: The 50% SOC change to 50% range change correspondance is coincidental. This match does not occur generally under other conditions.) See attached curves for 100 and 900 W accessory power range vs. SOC.

I hope GM will have data on the effects of deeper discharge on battery replacement life. Improvements in deep discharge life could have more of an impact than on improvements in battery specific density on Single Charge range! Because of the impact on battery warranty life, GM probably will not give the customer the option of changing the % of SOC for generator turnon.

Some of you may have noted my obsession with single charge range. Our one way work commute is 37 miles. My estimate of single charge range SOC = 50%, A/C = 700W, cruise = 55 mph, 7 mph average headwind (our drive is not on a dynanometer in a garage, but outdoors) is 36 miles.


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