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Starfire RS-C2.0 (by Cooper) - a really good value alternative to the usual suspects

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After hemming and hawing between another set of Goodyears, the Ecopias, and mulling about bargain basement foreign brands, I decided to go with Starfire RS-C 2.0 tires.

Starfire is a sub-brand of Cooper. The sidewalls say they are made in Mexico. Their mention of low rolling resistance honed me in, but the positive reviews and especially the price is what sealed the deal. I walked out of the tire shop having paid only $305 for a set of four, mounted, taxes and all.

The first surprise is how quiet these tires are. Super quiet! Much more so than the Goodyears they replace, or the Blizzaks I run during the winter.

I have not seen any appreciable hit to range, but this is hard to gauge at the moment, as we are coming out of the longest Michigan winter on record that really did a number on my lifetime eMPG.

Also, while others rate these a bit lower on rain, and especially snow and ice, I'm not worried, as I do run the Blizzaks during the winter. But the rain performance of these tires during a Michigan spring, at least new, is more than adequate, even great.

I'm only a few thousand miles in at the moment, so I will have to come back with a long term followup, but so far, I am seriously impressed with the value of these tires. Would definitely buy them again for my 2013 Volt.
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Nice review. We seldom hear of options other than Continental, Goodyear, and Michelin. At that price, if they give even half the life of the bigger names, they are a good buy. And it sounds as if performance is more than adequate. Thanks.
I can give a review of Yokohama Avid Ascends. They are grippier and last longer than the Goodyear OEM tires, but you have to get an 18” rim in order to get them to fit a volt gen1 (a showstopper for most) and with any lower profile tire, you run the risk of cracking rims if you hit something like a pothole next to a train track rail (i’ve cracked 3, stopped driving down a particular road which I suspect caused that). I do see range loss probably more from the heavier wheels than the tires. They cost $160 apiece (more than twice the OPs price), but have consistently gotten 60k miles out of a set, and I change my tires far in advance of the wear bars, so if you milk your tires to the legal limit, it’s easily 80k miles. I think they are a value for the tread wear if you’re willing to pay the price for new rims, TPMS, and a relearn tool. All of my cars run on Yokohamas - so i’m a big fan , but I don’t like running with the crowd on Goodyears or Michelins.
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