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The calculations are approximations only, but you can change the variables to whatever you want (and correct any math I have in error). This zip file contains both an Exel and OpenOffice spread sheet for those who do not use Microsoft OS. Let me know if there is problem with Exel, since I do not have Exel.

Make sure when you load spread sheet to turn off execution of code or macro and then verify spread sheet is safe (better safe then sorry).

Here are some my default values used:
* Frontal Area 2 m^2 (based on picture maybe 1.9 to 2 m^2). The picture seems to be a bit distorted
* Cd used .26 (The original Volt spec. said .3 for coefficient)
* 1.2 kg/m^3 for air density (for 3000 feet I used 0.9)
* 0.8 for Tire drag coefficient ( This will have biggest impact when adding mass to vehicle)
* Mass of 1361 kg (3000 pounds)
* 85% from battery to output of motor. (Original spec claims 85% to 92%; with max continuous power 89%)
* For gas mileage calculation I used 27.32% for generator efficiency (This match’s the 50 mpg they claim the volt can get. I assume this takes into account the losses incurred during the charging of battery)
* 0 degrees slope
* wind speed 0
* wind direction 0 degrees
* 50% DOD on battery = 8kwh
* 65 mph

Using default values I get 41 miles on battery, 195wh per mile and 51 mpg.

For air density of 0.9 I get, 50 miles on battery, 160wh per mile and 62 mpg.

For Aerodynamic drag of .3 instead of .26. (37 miles, 216wh, 46mpg)


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