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I was lucky enough to find a pre-own 2016 Chevy Volt LT (without Bose system, well, I am not that into Bose anyway) and become a new Volt owner for about a month. Love the car. I am kind of a audio nuts and always upgraded my car's stereo for my previous cars. For this car, I don't want to do too much about it. But just can't stand the sound from the cheap paper speakers. I am planning to just upgrade the factory speakers and add a sub-woofer.
Somehow, I found tons of information on people upgrading their Bose system here but not the base system (Well, if they bought the car with a "better" system first, why upgrade later?) Anyway, I am not here to judge other but the fact is, I could not find a lot of information about upgrading the base system.
My question is:
1. I understand that we don't have a "center" speaker with the base system. What are the speakers under the deck? Is it a cheap paper mid range or tweeter?
2. Whatever the speakers are under the deck, does it make the front door speaker a mid range or a 2-way speaker? (I don't know if I should get a mid range or typical 2-way speaker at the front.
3. What is the impediment of factory speakers? (I don't want to over load the factory radio)
4. Since I don't have a sub in my factory system. Does the car pre-wired anyway? Or I have to pull wire from the rear door speakers for the high level input for them amp of the sub?
5. I am planning to use the "signal turn on" for the amp. However, is there any turn on power for the amp that I should use? (Better close to the trunk)

Thank you in advance!

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