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Spark plugs - non O.E.?

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Has anyone experimented with non-OE (i.e. non-Iridium) plugs in our ICEs?

It has been a long standing argument among the VW community (cars in the 2000s and newer generations) that you get (significantly?) better fuel economy with Copper plugs over Iridium at the cost of the plugs wearing out 2-3x faster.

At present I drive a lot of ICE miles, so I'd be willing to Guinea pig myself if I can determine what plugs are "compatible"
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Specs according to NGK (my preferred brand)


Thread Size: 14mm
Thread Pitch: 1.25mm
Seat Type: Gasket
Resistor: Yes
Resistor Value: 5K Ohm
Reach: 19mm (3/4")
Hex Size: 5/8" (16mm)
Terminal Type: Solid
Overall Height: ISO
Gap: .028" (0.7mm)
Heat Range: 6

Which equates to a BPR6ES spark plug gapped to .7mm... (which makes me laugh, as that is the EXACT same plug I use in my old VWs)
correction.. NGK says it is a BKR6ES plug, i'll have to pull a plug to verify the actual Hex size
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this is actually a widely debated topic in the VW community... the only plus side that can be agreed upon with Iridium plugs is the 60-100k mile service interval (vs 20k on Coppers). And when I say "significant", I'm talking 10%, so... 4-5mpg highway (observed on both the 1.8T and Vr6 2.8L engines)? May not be significant to EV mode drivers, but I drive about (at present) 75-80% ICE, that would equate to 40ish miles to a tank... or 1 gallon @ $3/gallon... the cost of two plugs. Based on my typical annual driving a savings of about $65/year, or almost $200 in gas between plug changes.

naysay or not, I plan to give this a try, just curious if anyone on here has experimented
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