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Hello! My new Bolt will be here in about a week.

As a result, I am selling my 2014 Spark EV. I have been driving it for about 2 years and have gotten the vehicle serviced at Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine. So getting around and getting the car serviced in this area has been no issue.

11,500 miles
87 mile range city - 75 mile range highway
Silver with Heated Grey Leather Seats, Sirius XM, etc

Mine is an early model with no CCS / DCFC! I would suggest the car if you have access to L2 charging in your home, work, or within a short walking distance from both. If you have a short commute, a standard outlet will get about 50 miles of charge overnight if you plug it in 11-12 hours. (I have done this a few times.)

Since there is no fast charging, this means the car is low mileage.

These cars are rare in DFW but they are around. One just sold for $11K at a DFW Carmax, and there is currently another one on sale at an area dealership for $12.5k.

My asking price is only $9,000. But I am somewhat flexible on the price since I need to sell it by the end of the month.

You can PM me for my autotrader listing and more information since I apparently cannot post links or images!

Or you can just search autotrader listings for Spark or Spark EV in the DFW area and let me know if you have any questions!
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