Hi all, I returned my beloved Volt when the lease ended but held onto this spare tire kit. Originally from a Cruze, I purchased the kit new and only had to use it once for a few miles. But man that one time really saved my butt!

I think that all cars should come with a spare tire, the thought of needing a tow truck for anything more than a small puncture was worrying enough that I carried around this in my rear cargo area.

Includes a mount to secure it to the floor, it screws directly into the metal plate below the rear deck. You'll need to drill a small hole through the carpet, it's simple. Also includes a vinyl wheel cover, jack, and these little folding wheel chocks.

The car did ride a bit lower on the spare tire, so I wouldn't recommend it for long distances. But It drove just fine. I think it works for a Bolt as well, but please check first.

Local pickup only, Oakland CA 94611.