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South Korean gov't adopts CCS as official fast charging standard

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One more nail in CHAdeMO's coffin IMO.
CCS adopters:
- VW
- GM
- Mercedes
- Honda
- Hyundai/Kia (just a matter of time till Kia phases out CHAdeMO completely)
- Ford

- Nissan/Renault
- Mitsubishi (pretty much Nissan)
- Toyota?

Then there's Tesla with their proprietary standard.
So basically Japan's CHAdeMO vs the rest of the world.
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I'd think this is expected but likely not a big deal. I also don't think it's CHAdeMO versus the world. The US and the EU have essentially gone to CCS. China has its own standard. And of course Japan will stay with CHAdeMO. However, the CHAdeMO/CCS combo chargers make the the standard less important. It doesn't add much cost to make a charging station which can support both standards, and it's easy for the user. If you have a car that needs CHAdeMO just pick the CHAdeMO cord. If you have a car that supports CCS just pick the CCS cord. If this wasn't a choice then I'd agree that CHAdeMO would be dead, and it might still be given it's lower charging rates, but the dual standard chargers means that result is foreordained.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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