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South Korean gov't adopts CCS as official fast charging standard

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One more nail in CHAdeMO's coffin IMO.
CCS adopters:
- VW
- GM
- Mercedes
- Honda
- Hyundai/Kia (just a matter of time till Kia phases out CHAdeMO completely)
- Ford

- Nissan/Renault
- Mitsubishi (pretty much Nissan)
- Toyota?

Then there's Tesla with their proprietary standard.
So basically Japan's CHAdeMO vs the rest of the world.
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Yes, supporting two charging standards and two sets of hardware is silly and a cost driver. Not to mention the "average" driver getting confused at why they can't charge at every station where there aren't dual heads. The sooner we eliminate that kind of stuff in the US and EU, the better for electric vehicle adoption.
To think Tesla is going to start ANOTHER proprietary standard with the Semi "Megachargers". :rolleyes:

For EVs to ever truly go mainstream, we need to settle on a single standard. At least on a by-country basis.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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