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Sound from rear of car

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I 've had my 2011 for nearly 3 years and I know this sound is normal, but never really cared what it was until now. Usually within the first few minutes of my morning drive, there is a sound, sometimes two or three times which sounds as if you ran over a piece of rubber and it hits the wheel well. I always figured it may be something to do with the gas tank pressurization. Kind of like a low pitched thump or thud type noise. Pretty distinct noise, I'm sure any gen 1 owner will know the sound.
Anyway, what is it for sure???
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Funny..I was going to post about this exact thing today. Ours is sometimes rather loud like a tennisball hitting the back of the car. Other times ..yup...acorn hitting it. I dont think its the expansion thing. I experience it daily...first drive, 2nd 3rd, no matter...happens like clockwork about 1/8th of a mile into a drive. No matter if sitting outside in the sun before, in a garage, raining, etc....always happens.
I'd Be willing to bet good money that I can remove my spoiler and it will still make the same noise daily.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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