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Some Tesla Owners In Germany Are Being Told To Pay Back EV Incentive

....... to avoid the impression [Tesla] was giving financial aid to the well-off, it instituted a 60,000 Euro ($69,860) cap on eligible vehicle prices. This ruled out the Tesla Model S buyers from benefitting from the program, so the California automaker made some “creative” alterations to its pricing structure to squeeze its base full-size sedan into the program.

The strategy appeared to work, but then the Model S was taken off the list of approved vehicles last November. Now comes word that the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) is asking some Tesla customers to pay back the State’s portion of the incentive. With the decision affecting those who bought their car prior to March 6 of this year, it is asking for 2,000 Euros back from 800 Model S owners, and it’s also canceling the “environmental bonus” to 250 others that had previously been declared eligible.
Full story at Inside EVs.
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