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Now i am not asking for solar panels or any other means of charging. What i would like to see is a design that allows for the addition of solar panels at the owners time and expense. I ride bike to work, snow, rain or shine but my car sits at home all day. This time could be spent at the very least keeping the batteries topped off. Or I could provide a charge while the batteries are around 50% and use the Solar to get them up to 80-90% and plug it in to get the extra power needed to get a complete charge.
I guess this is somewhat related but i all i want is a car with four doors. and a trunk for storage a way to play an mp3. I can roll down my own windows. I can lock my own doors. I can use my feet to control speed and braking. I don't need electric anything but wipers and horn. Oh yes a heater to blow warm air would be nice.
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