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So I completed my first real trip in the 3.

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Wednesday to Wednesday, I had to return early for personal reasons.

From my home to my destination in Ohio is 598 miles. I used the same three super chargers both directions. Knoxville TN, Lexington KY, and Lima Ohio. While in Ohio I cross the state to stay in Hermitage PA as there are no charge points East of Cleveland/Warren and I was in Trumbull and Mahonning counties. So I used Sandusky OH and Hermitage PA charging stations.

On way up I saw only one Tesla at a SC and that was in Lima, on the way home I had three at Lexington which includes me but that was near rush hour. There was one at Knoxville with me. Saw two Tesla on the way home, passed by a S going South and saw a silver 3 going North.

598 miles, starting full charged took twelve hours on I75 with only real traffic in Cincinnati. Stops were 45 to 50 minutes to get range to 265-275. You are not going to just take thirty minutes and get anywhere. Also not all SC charged me money. KY/TN were $0.22 a (minute - that was unit on bill but it is probably kwh) after first 15/17 at .10 or so. Tesla site does not show all usage and I don't have charges for on my CC except for my KY and TN use but then only on return trip.

1683 total miles using 390 kwh with an average of 232Wh/Mi. Tire PSI was 45 up and 42 down with pressure rising to 49 up and 45 down. I have a RWD with Aero covers.

Drive up was in low 70s to start to mid 80s in Ohio, speeds around 73 mph. 221 Wh/Mi average. On return home I was near 75/77 speeds with temperature in lower 70s and barely cracking mid 70s. Rained on parts of trip. 251 Wh/Mi average.

the Cruise Control activation rules suck and are just dangerous. It goes to the speed it thinks the road is posted for or your current speed, which ever is HIGHER. Fortunately it won't go faster than was it in front of you but the set speed follows those rules. Which means it doesn't know **** about road conditions or construction speed changes. Pure idiocy on Tesla's part.

However the Traffic aware function is very good, will reroute when necessary but check real time traffic reports because the data source the system uses isn't always current.

Using the cruise is required, it will stop the car and sometimes very hard. However on my version its a bit like a teenager driving with harder acceleration than it needs and too much braking adjustment. Auto steer is another near requirement now. It really compensates when you get too drowsy and also does a good job unless a lane spits or near off ramp that does not have line between lanes. When lanes splits of off ramp with no dashed line for original lane it will go to the right!

I did use it in heavy traffic, both the cruise and auto steer. It made Cincinnati stop and go traffic less of a stress but at times it can be a bit worrisome. Auto lane change can be infuriating when a car has just passed on the lane you want in and the car just begs for an indicator in the mirrors for blind spot monitoring and Tesla should be embarrassed for skipping that and using the screen only.

Miscellaneous, seats were all day comfortable. There needs to be an option to pause/mute music when navigation is talking. Hope the eventually figure out blue tooth play lists. Could use a bit more treatment to reduce wind noise. Navigation needs serious work over as you should be able to set super charger way points and its estimates are seriously off as well. Oh, Knoxville and Lexington have dead chargers too. Lexington had two that would not activate the charge port but one of them did charge the car.
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How hard TACC accelerates and brakes is tied to the following distance setting - the shorter the set distance, the more aggressive the car is. On the 3 I believe you set the distance by flicking the right control wheel left and right.

You can change the choice of speeds TACC jumps to by setting the speed warning offset in the options. On my X, I like the way it is set up, but because I have a dedicated stalk for TACC/AP I can choose to engage at the current speed or the offset by moving the lever different directions. I'm not sure if there's a better way to set the 3 up, but Tesla is surprisingly willing to listen to constructive suggestions and that's certainly something a firmware update could change.

How low were you letting the pack get between charges? It kinda sounds like you were sticking to the top half of the pack, which is the slowest way to do a Tesla roadtrip. For the fastest trip, you want to arrive at the next Supercharger with around 10% left in the pack, and charge it just enough to reach your next charging stop with a safe margin.

I do generally average about 25 minutes per stop, which Tesla days is the overall average (my normal approach is to drive for a couple hours, then make a ten or fifteen minute bathroom and snack/drink break, drive for a couple more and sit down for a meal for thirty five or forty minutes, rinse and repeat. The snack break adds about an hour of driving range, and the meal gets me back over 80% somewhere.)
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well when charging it would state 30 minutes plus and some times 40 so I just rounded up.

this was nav telling me on the directions line how long I needed.

TACC acceleration is idiocy then. I use two when in rain or rotten traffic otherwise one.
One or two will get you those very aggressive responses, yes. Just have to decide what is important- following distance or gentle acceleration.

The minutes remaining can be a couple different things depending on your situation. If you don't have enough to make the next stop in the computer's opinion, it will show time until you get enough. If you already had enough, it'll show time until you reach the charge limit you have set.

Do you know what percentage or how many miles you had left at the start of the session for any of the charges?
I don't recall if the 'chill mode' would affect/tame this?
Doubtful. The car's functional reaction time is long enough at the moment that it can't afford to be less aggressive in braking while keeping the close following distance. Could be possible on the acceleration side, but I don't think it will.
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