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Snow tire mileage

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Just installed new Blizzak snow tires on my new 2018 Volt and my MPGE on my regular commute to work and back dropped from 120 down to 100.
Is this normal? Not sure if this matters but the temps here in Oregon is still mild 45-55.

I may be hallucinating, but the car actually feels like the tires are sticking to the road.
The interesting thing is the mileage drop is about the same as the the heating drop. If I don't run the heat I can gain almost what I lost on the snow tires.
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I wish I waited to put them on but I got a good deal.
I wonder if the tire millage will get better once the ground gets colder and the tires start to harden?
OK, my millage is getting worse now. Keep in mind I am a new volt owner so this is my first winter.
I went from 120 MPGE round trip to 90 MPGE. It happen after the temp dropped from 50 in the morning to 40 and I put on snow tires (all in the same week).

When I leave my house in the morning I am seeing 80 MPGE! was seeing 100 in the morning and by the time I returned from work I was at 120 MPGE round trip.
I am sure its due to both the snow tires and the slightly colder morning temps but is this normal? the change was so drastic I'm thinking the tire guys found a way to install the tires backwards.

What MPGE are you guys getting in the mornings? and what temp outside?
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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