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Snow tire mileage

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Just installed new Blizzak snow tires on my new 2018 Volt and my MPGE on my regular commute to work and back dropped from 120 down to 100.
Is this normal? Not sure if this matters but the temps here in Oregon is still mild 45-55.

I may be hallucinating, but the car actually feels like the tires are sticking to the road.
The interesting thing is the mileage drop is about the same as the the heating drop. If I don't run the heat I can gain almost what I lost on the snow tires.
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Thanks everyone. I already believe that snow tires are better than all-season. (I just need to be convinced to *not* be a cheapskate about buying them + new rims + TPMS :) Fortunately I usually get to choose if I want to drive when it's bad out. I've owned AWDs and both Gen's of Volts. And my Gen1 seemed pretty good, considering the weight/stability vs an AWD (all w/ original tires). My original post was really OT because I was trying to figure out if everyone is saying Gen2's drove differently than Gen1's on their original tires. I'm guessing they're equivalent, and I'll just have to get used to it. Or pony up some $$ to feel more secure.
Most people here in Minnesota I'm sure just get by with All Seasons, thinking as many do that the name even applies to the winter season here. I too managed that way many years, until 1992, when I finally broke down and got snows on separate rims. Every car since, that's the way I roll now. One gets spoiled on them.

As for AWD vehicles, I believe it's been shown that an FWD or RWD vehicle on snows, will stop better than an AWD on All Seasons. They may not get going as quickly, but the way I see it, stopping is the most important part.

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I’ve been driving for 31 years now and never had snow tires or 4wd. Always had small FWD cars and one 2wd truck. Always did fine, I just know the way to drive in the slick stuff. I think I’ve gotten stuck once in the truck and that was a bizarre situation where nothing would have helped. It was one of those storms where the snow got rained on and froze and there were tire ruts like driving a slot car, the differential got hung up it was so deep! I needed a tug from someone that time! No tire would be any better if they aren’t touching the ground ;)

Anyway, snow tires are a great idea but I don’t see them as a necessity

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I agree.

Driving for over 40 years in Minnesota, and have never owned an AWD vehicle. Probably a 50/50 mix between fwd and rwd vehicles. For the last 25 years I've used snow tires. They are very helpful and much cheaper than the extra cost of an AWD vehicle.

Yes, the low ground clearance on the Volt can be a problem, but we live in the city and streets get plowed quickly.

It seems that every winter I see a large number of AWD vehicles in the ditch. They drive too fast, falsely believing they can stop better in an AWD vehicle, just because they can go better. It's a tested fact that an AWD with all seasons can't stop as well as a fwd or rwd vehicle with snows.

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