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There's a new program for ConEd customers called SmartCharge Rewards that tracks your car's charging and gives you points for charging during off-peak hours. The points are redeemable for gift cards (e.g., Amazon). The tracking is done with a device that plugs into the car's OBD port. The device has its own cellular connection to report charging details.

Here is how you earn points (1000 points = $1 in towards gift cards; "C2" is the tracking device):

So, at a minimum, you get a 5 cents/kWh discount on charging during off-peak (midnight - 8 am) hours.

This is pretty neat, although I wish they just paid customers in cash or ConEd bill credits, rather than futzing with gift cards.

Also, there's a generous $20 bonus for not charging during summer peak hours (2 pm - 6 pm), but the Volt likes to draw a little charge now and then to maintain temperature or whatever, which I don't think you can prevent except by keeping it unplugged during those hours. That's kind of annoying. (I guess one could prevent it by using a smart charging station that forbids any current draw between those hours - but I just use the charger that came with the Volt.)
All part of a new business strategy by power companies to encourage EVs, and provide the power for them.

They don't do bill credits because it's cheaper to give gift cards. The cost of those is subsidized by the merchant.
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