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Small HVAC duct into the front center storage under the radio stack

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Put a small HVAC duct to blow cold air only into the small front center storage area under the radio stack. I put my phone in there the other day and when I pulled it out the phone had the over temperature alert on it. This duct should only blow cold air and never hot air - in other words computer control the flap on it to only open when the A/C compressor is running.
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Must be in the Premier only then. It doesn't exist in my LT. This needs to be in all vehicles.
Must be in the Premier only then. It doesn't exist in my LT. This needs to be in all vehicles.
It is not in the Premier either. That article was written about a year before the 2016 Volt went into production and I think the cooled phone charger got deleted from the production model.
For $10 you can get a magnetic mount from Amazon that clips to any vent. I've considered getting one for the summer months, where the direct sun on my dash top mount causes my phone to get uncomfortably hot. Putting it directly in the a/c air stream would work well, I bet, though it might block the air from reaching a hot occupant somewhat. I didn't do it yet because the vent placement in gen1 means I wouldn't be able to see the screen very wheel due to it being blocked by the steering wheel in that location. But if your concern is more cooling than screen visibility, it would be a decent solution.
The wireless charger in the center armrest (Premier only) does have airflow in it. I think it has a dedicated fan.
I ended up mounting my phone just above the driver's side in-board vent. I can turn the vent and cool my phone.
having just modified the wireless charger in the 2017 premier I noted that there is a 1" air duct to cool the phone and wireless charger.
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