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similar technology

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There are getting to be quit a few EV's out there now and up and coming. Is there any other competition that use this same kind of range extender technology as the Volt, other than Fisker? Fisker is twice the price and a premium vehicle so its not really in the same class as the volt, kind of apples and oranges. Trains have been doing it for a long time so there has to be another manufacturer concidering this idea. Anyone?
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Well the fisker is a premium. Aptera isn't very realistic. Whitestar is reaching for the "stars"(also premium). But AFS is news to me, and I will say good news because competition is heathy, great for technology and affordability. However they are still 3 years out and the e-flex has alot more backing(engineering and money). The future will be fun!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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