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similar technology

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There are getting to be quit a few EV's out there now and up and coming. Is there any other competition that use this same kind of range extender technology as the Volt, other than Fisker? Fisker is twice the price and a premium vehicle so its not really in the same class as the volt, kind of apples and oranges. Trains have been doing it for a long time so there has to be another manufacturer concidering this idea. Anyone?
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You can also include the VentureOne ( It's an in-line two-seater but I love the design. Kind of like a safe motorcycle. I wonder if this will be popular (assuming it makes it to market).

Of course don't forget the Prius plug-in. The third generation Synergy Drive will have a much larger electric drive motor capable of highway speeds (last spec. I heard was 62 miles per hour) and can act very much like the Volt. In fact, if you want you can get a Ford or Toyota hybrid and have a lithium-ion plug-in conversion done today (only takes 4 hours and about 20 grand). The all-electric speed limit is only 32 mile per hour but it would be an excellent way to pass the almost 3 years it will take to finally be able to go to your dealer and purchase the Volt.
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