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Side Mirror Turn Signals

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I appreciate all the enhancements GM made in the Gen2 Volt. Two features they removed are a bit of a head scratcher though. 1. Homelink (I'll add this myself at some point) and 2. Turn signals integrated into the side mirrors. I really like how these look in the Gen1 Volt, and would like to figure out options to add them to my Gen2.

Anyone know of another GM side mirror which includes turn signal lights that could be easily swapped with the Gen2 Volt mirrors, or anyone tried to retrofit an LED strip or something into the Gen2 side mirror?
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1. Homelink
That was probably removed for cost saving. Yeah, it would have been nice, but they wanted to reduce cost where possible.

2. Turn signals integrated into the side mirrors.
Since the Gen2 Volt is not sold in Europe, they didn't put the turn signals on the mirrors (they aren't required in US). I do feel like this is a safety issue, and it would be nice to have them. I can't imagine it saved that much money, but, yeah, Chevy is famous for widespread cost cutting.
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